Can a Foreigner own Real Estate Property in the Philippines?

By law, only Filipinos are allowed to acquire by purchase, transfer or assignment any lands in the Philippines.
However, Foreigners may be able to acquire Duval County Real Estate Agent estate properties in the Philippines by any of the following:

Lease of Philippine Property

Your can lease public and private land for 25 years with renewal for 25 years, (more than enough time for return on investments). This is also a cheap alternative, it is ideal for whose thinking of retiring here. Unlike many countries such us a Thailand or Indonesia, a lease on property for a foreigner is a very easy and straightforward step to take in the Philippines. This is the easiest, least time-consuming, and safest way for a foreigner to purchase small areas of land within the Philippines. It can be done directly with the owner.

Through a Filipino Trustee of wife

Have a Filipino (you can Trust) where you can put the title or ownership of property in his/her name. This is the most common way for small-scale investors to buy property here.

Purchase land as a Balikbayan

The Government of the Philippines has recently passed the Dual Citizenship Act which gives all former Filipinos the right to purchase land within the Philippines.

Buying a Condominium Unit in The Philippines

You can own 100% of the unit but not more than 40% of the entire condominium project.

Form a Philippine Corporation

You can form a corporation with Filipino partners with the sharing of 40% foreign capital. This is the most iron-clad form of property ownership for foreign investors, and definitely the preferred form of property ownership for those thinking of establishing a resort, or tourism facility. In fact, the majority of our existing resort and businesses owned by foreigners are using this form of ownership.

Inherit the Philippine Land if your Spouse dies

This simply means, when your Filipina wife dies, you as the compulsory heir, together with your children if you have any, will become the legal owners of her property.

Is it safe for foreigners to buy Land in the Philippines?
Yes, the Central Registration of documents ensures that you can buy with complete confidence. We can provide certified copies of documents evidencing title to and/or rightful possession over properties.

Can I form my own Philippine Land Holding Corporation

Yes, this is another way our Foreign clients Purchase Philippine Land provided that the foreigner shall own a maximum of 40% and the other 60% to Filipino incorporators of your choosing.

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