Sell Your House – 5 Tips To Successfully Sell Your Home

Doesn’t matter if you are in Mahopac, NY, elsewhere in Putnam County or Westchester County or in other parts of the US Buyers today are taking much longer to make up their minds regarding the purchase of a new home with each potential buyer viewing an average of 19 homes before making a purchase. Due to this, sellers are finding that not only are they required to reside within their current home for longer than intended, but they are also often left with no option but to accept an offer which is well below the asking price. In order to successfully sell your home within the Westchester County area, is it vital that you do all you can in order to make your home marketable and worthy of your asking price. Here at the 5 basic areas you need to focus on in order to sell your home-fast!

1) Maintenance: Before you place your home on the market it is vital that you check for any required maintenance, in particular your wiring and plumbing systems. The type of wiring within a home will generally be determined on the age of the property, the area in which it has been built and if it has been modified or updated in anyway. To a buyer, newer electrical panels and updated wiring will be a good indication that your home has been well maintained and any future repairs may be minute. When checking over your wiring, always employ the service of a qualified electrician within Westchester which will not only ensure the job is done safely and thoroughly, but will also pay dividends for you when you finally sell your home. Plumbing repairs no matter how minute can save you time and money when you are ready to sell. A buyer will be expecting to see your home in top condition so a leaky pipe or dripping ceiling will do nothing to help your chances of a quick sale.

2) Garden Fever: Next, you need to inspect the exterior of your home, in particular your garden/s. In the event that the outside of your home looks unattractive, a potential buyer may simply opt to not even look inside your home, as they will come to the conclusion that your lack of maintenance will follow through to the inside of your home. Ensure that your yard is free of debris, your trees are neatly trimmed and your grass is mowed and edged. Sweep your walkways and rid your garden of any dead flowers, planting new ones where possible. Although we are all guilty of doing it for ease, remove any cars that are parked outside the front and park these in your garage so that viewers are not distracted by your vehicles when viewing the exterior of the property.

3) Beautiful Inside and Out: After taking care of the outside of your home, next its time to work on the inside! It is common sense that a clean home will be more inviting to a potential buyer, thus will make them more attracted to your home in general. Buyers can be turned off by the even the smallest amount of mess or bad odor, so ensure each room is dusted, vacuumed, cleaned with products in terms of your kitchen and bathrooms; and add air fresheners in each room so they smell pleasant when entered. A thorough clean is also a good chance to rid your home of any unwanted junk which will make packing your boxes for moving all the easier. Where necessary, consider adding a splash of paint to some rooms in order to brighten them up and help give them a clean and neat appearance. If any rooms have chipped or peeling paint, repainting them is extremely important as rooms will look dull and will give the impression that they buyer will need to do extensive work on the house after moving in.

4) The Right Representation: In today

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