Platform Bed – Is it Required to Have a Box Spring?

Many people love platform beds because of their low profile. The bed might be consolationable for people who don’t like to sit up high in their beds. Or possibly even have health points like back and knee pain which makes it difficult for them. It just makes it easier for them to get out of bed. Sadly, not too many individuals perceive how you can appropriately put a mattress on high of a platform bed.

Check Your Mattress’s Instruction Information

It’s best to first evaluation your mattress manufacture’s guideline on methods to properly set up your mattress. Many mattresses require you to have a box spring. This box spring ensures your getting adequate back support. Incorrect box springs can cause lumps and dips. The end result can cause severe pain in your body or perhaps worse, less quality of sleep. Remember that it is necessary to review the guideline. Improper setup might probably void your warranty.

If you happen to require a box spring on your mattress

If your purpose for a platform bed is to have a decrease profile that adding a box spring might not make any sense. There are platform beds which have which have a much decrease basis that may simply arrange the box spring and mattress. This means you will get one of the best setup on your mattress and still have that desire low profile.

Does your Platform Bed have Slats?

Slats can happen for the box spring. But as soon as once more it’s best to seek advice from your manufactures’ guide. Depending in your mattress thickness, you may presumably feel the sagging across the spacing of your slats. Off course the nearer the slats the better, however most of the times the slats are in-built and only able to adjust them minimally.

Using Plywood Deck

If all else fails then the very best solution is to measure the width and size of the bed. Use these measurements and lower out a plywood deck. I might advocate slicing them into 2 or three smaller pieces. Cutting one giant plywood deck will be tough, particularly in case you have a larger measurement like a king or queen. As soon as once more though zambia02 check along with your producer’s guide. The flat basis might presumably make the mattress less consolationable.

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