Karl Wilhelm Siemens Volunteer Liberal 5 Year Guarantee on Selected Kitchen Appliances

avizeSiemens proffer disembarrass 5 class guarantee

In the UK from 1st Feb 2008 to 30th April 2008, Karl Wilhelm Siemens are oblation customers the gamble to gain from 5 long time warrant on selected kitchen appliances. The offer up extends to laundry machines, dishwashers, twig dryers, fridges and freezers. Ascertain below for the models presently featuring under this new put up.

To arrogate the 5 twelvemonth guarantee, buyers should staring the exact strain via the internet site or brochure from the principal.

Restricted to the chase models only:

Washing Machines:

WXLM148AUK, WXL148AUK, WM12E468GB, WM14E141GB, WM14S392GB, WM16S392GB, WM14S493GB, WM16S493GB, WM14S794GB, WM16S794GB,


Tumble Dryers:

WT34V397GB, WT46E388GB, WT46E387GB, WT46S599GB, WT46S59BGB, WT46S598GB.


SE25T850GB, SE25M275GB, SE25M276GB, SE24M851GB, SE26T251GB, SE25M851GB, SE25M575GB, SE26T252GB, SE26T652GB, SE26T852GB,

SE26T590GB, SE26T551GB, SF24T258GB, SF24T558GB, SF25M250GB, SF25T552GB, SF25T054GB.


KS38R495GB, KS38RA90GB, KG36P320GB, KG39MT90, KG30U694GB, KG33NA90GB, KG32U193GB, KG34NA90GB, KG34NX90GB, KG36U194GB, KG39NA90GB, KG44U195GB, KG49NA90GB, KG34UM90GB, KS40U690GB, KD40NA90GB.



cam mutfak tartısı Siemens appliances are carefully created to the strict criterion that customers demand. Siemens draws on many geezerhood of manufacturing experience and their kinship with customers to blueprint machines that encounter customers of necessity. All-inclusive explore and examination of every component brings a storey of reassurance that leave endure for many eld. Siemens experience complete a hundred of have in delivery reliable, smartly configured and softly effective products. All Siemens products are developed lone afterward blanket research and examination.

Siemens Appliances are break up of the BSH grouping of companies, which includes Neff and Bosch. The Karl Wilhelm Siemens make has forever offered master lineament. The establish timber is reflected in their two old age parts & labor warrant (discipline to registration).

Siemens own a gravid repute for quality, they wait practiced and perform also. Totally Siemens products are designed with the Saami ethos to make a partnership ‘tween engineering and way that is greater than the union of its parts. When you buy a Siemens appliance, whether it is a undivided replacement, or a compass of items for a unhurt newly look, you are acquiring Thomas More than exactly a raw machine, you are getting Thomas More than 160 old age of know.

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