YouTube Art Videos & Famous Artists Guide

YouTube art deserves it’s own article, devoted to discovering what types of art are popular on video-sharing site YouTube, and what people like to use these video resources for. In general, art lovers tend to use YouTube for two main reasons, either to learn about specific painting techniques, or to learn about specific art history, be it a particular artist, painting or art movement.

A quick browse of Google keywords shows the most popular searches to be for Van Gogh related YouTube videos, and for painting training tips. Other popular topics include watercolor painting tips and other famous artists such as Monet, Picasso and so on.

Some important points to remember with YouTube is that its market isn’t representative of traditional art followers – it is mainly, but not entirely, for the younger generations of internet users. Therefore, this is to inevitably reflected in the types of art that are searched for, and can be found, on YouTube. There is a clear bias towards more modern types of art, dating from impressionist up to modern day. Renaissance & Baroque art is represented, but not to the extent that its normal popularity would expect. Indeed, relatively brand new artists like British Graffiti Innovator Banksy will get more interest than a classically appreciated artist such as Caravaggio or Bernini. Older surfers tend to still prefer to use books and hard copies of information to both learn about art history, and also gain knowledge to help their own works.

In future years, YouTube will become more of a tool for all generations, and this should lead to a broader spectrum of art in its movies’ content. For now, it remains an excellent source for exerts from professional dvds as a way to demo DVD purchases. You can also quickly learn some key facts about important artists without picking up a book. And finally its best use is probably to go beyond traditional print media and allow training to be shown in action, so learning becomes easier and more fun.

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