How do you write your code so that it shows up on all or
most browsers the way you want it to look? By understanding
which browsers support which tags, and using a validation
service to check your code.

There are different tags that sometimes do the same thing.
The problem here, is that some browers read some tags and
not others. If the browser can’t read your tags, it will
cause your page to appear in some way other than what you
intended. The trick is to write your code in such a way
that all, or at least most browsers can read and display
it Good reduction the way it is supposed to be.

You will find an HTML Tag List Good reduction at:
website You can use this
as you Promotions are writing your code and avoid some pitfalls. Promotions codes It
only covers Netscape and Internet Explorer. These are the
most used browsers, and probably includes about 80 percent
or more of the online crowd.

You can check your html code by going to a validation
service like Net Mechanic. You Good reduction will find a link to Reductions this
and other validation services at:
website This can
be a humbling experience. It checks your code and gives
you all the errors and warnings.

Do your corrections, and check it again. You may have to
do this a couple of times to end up with no errors.

There is no reason not to have perfectly clean HTML code.
Learn the tags and which browers support them, and you
are almost home. Then just run it through a validator.
Now the world sees your page the way it really is.

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