Multi Store Point of Sale

sale stockUnfortunately, not all POS systems allow this faster synchronization for all individual systems within a wide area network effectively. Some POS systems need special hardware or equipment to allow all individual parts of the POS system to communicate with each other.

There are companies that use the internet itself to allow communication of all of its POS systems effortlessly. They call the system a ‘web based’ retail POS.

This new term ‘web based’ refers to having all of your communication be done on the internet, or specifically speaking, the world wide web. This means that any time that one POS machine needs to access information from another machine, it communicates using the standards or the protocols that is used within the internet.

The main advantage to having all of your communication done on the internet is that it is already a reliable way to access information, as shown by our dependence on the internet for almost everything that we need and the security that is provided by current internet related hardware is sufficient.

While the internet is, by any means the best way for POS communication to be used, it is the easiest way to achieve an almost instantaneous exchange of data from one machine to another with the least amount of hardware requirement.

You have to remember that the most important aspect of managing a company is by being able to take a look at all of the data that each machine is giving instantly from your office and making any changes that are necessary to keep the stores running in perfect working order.

There were older systems that were in place to allow most of the machines to communicate with each other. This was achieved by directly connecting these machines to the telephone line via a modem. There may be some examples of automatic teller machines that use this form of data transfer.

The only downside to this form of machine to machine communication is that the amount of data that a machine can send is severely limited by the speed of the telephone line. The ‘web’, as it is now called, is a much faster, reliable and more secure platform to allow machine to machine communication.

Most of these POS companies have also constantly been improving their biggest deal web based POS systems to allow multiple stores to be connected to each other and to the main database that can be located somewhere else and to access that database anytime instantly.

This means that you can change anything in any of your stores to reflect any changes in management styles, prices, stock levels, sales, stock levels, etc., to what you want or wish and you do not need any other separate system to do that for you.

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