Shopping For Merchant Accounts

Once you become a Clickbank merchant (vendor), you instantly have a large pool of affiliates wanting to sell your product for a commission. Gone are the days of looking for affiliates, let Clickbank do it for you. If affiliates are receiving commissions from selling your product that means YOU are making money as well. The best thing about this is that you can choose exactly what level of commission you want your affiliates to receive.

Videos – Add videos to your website. Engage your customers in the product. Demonstrate the application of a strategy, system or technique. Videos trigger the emotional pull to your product. It sparks the “I want that!” emotion.

And the Dodd-Frank Restoring American Financial Stability Act now allows businesses to decline accepting credit and debit cards for purchase amounts of their choosing, below $10.00. So now a business can stop losing money by taking a debit card to pay for a pack of gum and having all of the profit eaten up by the best travel merchant accounts fees.

IPAYTOTAL is focused on providing comprehensive and affordable travel merchant accounts for our clients. IPAYTOTAL works with a variety of payment processors who provide merchant accounts for the travel industry and acquiring banks that allow travel agencies to process credit cards. We pride ourselves in providing reliable, affordable and secure merchant account services for travel agencies all around the world.

OFFLINE Strategy can include asking your current customers or client base for referrals. A written testimonial may be amongst your marketing brochures and be of great help in building confidence for future clients or customers to purchase from your business.

Negatives – The Empower Network is advertised to be a $25 a month money making opportunity but that really isn’t the case. Once you become a member you will need to get a merchant account that can be anywhere from $30-$45 a month on top of the $25 monthly fee. There are several up sells as well, so if you decide to invest in any of these you can easily being paying $150-$170 a month. To be fair they do offer 100% commissions on all the up sells but you must be a paying customer of that up sell to get the commission.

Wrong contact information. An important advertisement (including Yellow Pages or 411 information listing) has the wrong contact information (worst case: your competitor’s contact information).

OK you have a website up and running, you have a few products for sale, or you may have opted to function as an affiliate for other peoples products. You even have a credit card payment system in place, be it your own merchant account for travel agency or Paypal, Click bank or some other very good third party. You proudly tell anyone who asks what you do, that you are a internet marketer, or some other fancy title that sounds impressive. You know that you on to a winner, you will soon be depositing checks everyday. However after a week or two you are confused, everything is all set up nicely but you are not selling anything.

Another way to make money is to sell your own digital product through companies like ClickBank. If you have an e-book, software or report in digital format, it’s easy to sell it at Clickbank. They call this being a “merchant” and you can sell up to 50 different downloadable products with a single account.

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